Freitag, 19. Juni 2015

Review: K6-3 Replica from RedZone

After a long search for a good K6-3 replica Helmet I finally received this 
Red Star Militaria offers this Helmet now on pre-order
Delivery time in my case was just 2 weeks.

There are 2 versions available . One without visor and one with visor. 

The Helmet came wrapped in black plastic foil to avoid scratches.
Also the polycarbonate window in the shield is covered with white foil.
The helmet is very robust and feels like a real one.
The helmet shell is made very thick fiber-glass and feels absolute realistic. My old Helmetreplicas K6-3 was just a piece of plastic with some rubber on the inside to make it look thick.

Also the Visor is made from a laser cut steel plate and the window from thick Polycarbonate.
The window frame is made from cast Aluminium.
The visor has 2 air holes behind the window for better air circulation, the most replica helmets don't have this feature.
It's much better than my old helmet without the holes because it reduces the fog behind the visor.

But enough said. Check out the pictures:

Available on pre-order on

Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2014

Review: RedZone RSP-30 flare replica

RedZone came up with RSP-30 flares a few months ago. We received some Samples of them through our supporter Red Star Militaria

We were surprised by the quality, because there was no repro flare before this close to the original.
Check out our pictures:

RedZone produces 3 different kinds of flares. Red, green and white.

Upside RedZone
Below Original RSP-30 Flare
You can see the different colors of the igniters and different markings.
Red Zone uses painted resin for the igniter parts and the same paper material for the flare tube
which where used for the original RSP-30 Flares.

Original markings for comparison. You can see there are different markings and our three original flares are not representative for all kinds of markings. There are much more styles, including the style RedZone uses for it's flares.

The RedZone Flares comes with a metal cap. 
All original Flares you can get in the west are fired and are missing this detail.

The original igniter is build from metal, RedZone uses painted resin parts.
All parts are clean and the painting is good.

Cap markings for comparison.

 Cap markings for comparison.

Cap markings for comparison.
The red flare comes with different cap markings then our original RSP-30.

We think RedZone has made a very good job with this flares. They are hard to reproduce and we saw much crappy homemade repros in the past for much more money.
This is definetive a must have for every russian geardo.

You can get these flares for 11,90 € on

Dienstag, 25. November 2014


Today we want to present you something special. We received 2 very nice AKSU Rifles. We have the E&L AKSU (AEG) and our Sponsor Red Star Militaria sended us a original AKSU manufatured in Tula (Russia).
We heared lots of rumors that the E&L AKSU is more close to the original than other Airsoft Guns. Let's check out how close it really is.

Below: Tula AKSU

You can see the different finishing, also the diffent Handguards.
On the other Hand, the wood color is very close to the original, size is the same.

Here you can see again the diffent finish. I think you can fix that with some black spray paint.
The Bolt of the AKSU is numbered, this detail is missing on the E&L AK.

Different Handguards. The original has just one straight gap. The E&L Handguard has bigger holes.
Also you can see that the rivets and holes on the E&L body are different from the original.

Original guns have all parts numbered. Some details you won't find on any Airsoft gun, but it's easy to punch some numbers in the metal. The serial number on the receiver is marked with white color. Also this detail is missing on E&L. The numbers are not punched like on the original, the laser engraving looks too clean to me.

Iron sights of the AKSU you can see the markings are a little bit different.
A little bit too small and dark on the E&L AKSU.

The original muzzle break is chrome plated. This detail is missing on the E&L AKSU.
You can take some silver spray paint to fix that.

The folding stock if the AKSU is bent inwardly. E&L is the first manufacturer who noticed this detail

The welding of the E&L AKSU is very rugged

The shutter is a little bit different.

The E&L AKSU comes with a mount rail. Our original AKSU is missing that.

You can see the closing mechanism of the original AKSU looks stronger than on the E&L AKSU.
The Shutter stands out clearly and has a hole. 
Also the color of the pistol grip is different, I would prefer a LCT grip with "Bakelite" look,. This will be more close to the original. It's obvious thet  the diameter of the Grip is different. Its impossible to put the AEG motor into an original size AK pistol grip.

The E&L wooden parts are a little bit too thick.
The ventilation slit is cosed.

The muzzle break looks a little bit different in shape. Also the gas tube is fixed with 2 pins. That's different from the original.

On the original Handguard, there is a big metal pin in the wood. On the E&L AKSU this pin is much smaller.

Donnerstag, 16. Oktober 2014

Maximum SSO Kit by Wasilij from ORDA

SSO Partizan Suit Berezka
SSO Cap Berezka
SSO Sbruya Partizan
SSO ATAKA 2 Avizent
SSO sitting mat Avizent
SSO flask pouch Avizent
SSO PM holster Avizent
SSO IPP pouch Avizent

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Pics by Shmock on ORDA march.