Montag, 27. Juni 2011

Russian commandos hold training exercise in North Caucasus

Russian special operations units have held a training exercise in the North Caucasus to practice covert operations. The exercise culminated in an exhibition in the town of Aksai, under the Southern Military Command. One of the commando teams' mock missions is to locate an enemy convoy and capture a prisoner before destroying it.

(Practical Shooting) 22th SF Brigade

Testing of some of the practical shooting skills in the
22th separate brigade of special purpose
Aksai, Rostov Region).

- wearing: BDU Cap OD, 6sh104, Smersh, KLMK Jumpsuit
- using: AK74M, Stechkin-APS

Sonntag, 26. Juni 2011

[Kitlist] Vityaz Impressions (Black Knight,Shadowind,Panda)

Black Knight
Маска-1Щ helmet
Blok Post-Gorka/Sposn Partizan
Kora-Kulon body armor
Smersh-harness(old model)
belt pad
2 x AK-mag pouch
first aid bandage pouch
VOG25-grenade pouch

Маска-1 helmet(with visor)
Kamysh-pattern ANA Noch 91M/Sposn Gorka E
Kora-Kulon body armor
Smersh-harness(new model)
belt pad
2 x AK-mag pouch
first aid bandage pouch

Маска-1 helmet
Kamysh-pattern ANA Noch 91M/Sposn Gorka E
Kora-Kulon body armor
Smersh-harness(harness is older model, belt and pouches are newer model)
belt pad
2 x AK-mag pouch
first aid bandage pouch

Montag, 13. Juni 2011

Cyma working on SVD AEG

Cyma is working on finishing an electrical replica of SVD!
Carabiners are built standard Real Sword, whose product is one of the best AEG SVD on the square. The raid is a little detail.

That Message inside the gearbox will find this analogy into the RS, but the their improvements and enhancements Cymy Stock Which has achieved in the range of values ​​of 120-135 m / s (not further specified), what corresponds to the range of 400-440 fps.

You have to admit that it will be very interesting proposal, taking into account the fact that so far the Chinese replicas SWD were at least average, and taking into account that this will do Cyma (which, as the Chinese standards is a very good quality) and that the base for this replica was the construction of Real Sword, then we should expect a really nice final effect. Grant in sales from this will be a very interesting proposition given attention by the fact That in so Seasons Chinese replica of SWD were less than what the average and the attention given That fact will be doing the Cyma (Which Both Chinese quality standards has a very good performance), and That the basis for the construction of This reply was Real Sword, it should expect a really nice final effect.
Estimated price: 1000-1100 zl.


FSB Vympel-operator, about year 2004 (Comrade 5224/Sweden)

TIG Replica (RS Altyn visor)
ANA Onehole Balaclava
Fort Defender 2 Replica
Sposn Smersh GP-gunner
Noks Smersh-knive
Replica RGD-5
Splav half finger gloves
Sposn Partizan Sniper trousers
Splav boots
Baikal Makarov with supressor
VFC Ak74m with G&P gp25

Samstag, 11. Juni 2011

Picture of the Month

Fed Cup airsoft Kaliningrad

Die Gemeinschaft FSKO aus Russland macht einen
Internationalen Wettbewerb und alle Teams aus Europa
sind recht herzlich dazu eingeladen!

Date and time of event: 8:00 am on
August 5, Friday, 24:00 7 August 2011.

Venue: Training Complex FSKO
Rules: Championships are held on the rules FSKO
Fees: NO
In addition to the championship airsoft teams in Russia and abroad are participating teams - SOBR (Operational Customs Kaliningrad), Special Forces Drug Control Service (Kaliningrad).

Smoke, grenades, provided by the organizers.
Funds IBZ and masks have always all participants of the championship.
Accommodation: The organizers will provide accommodation for (a military tent for 40 persons, shower, toilet, parking at the guarded parking lot. For a more comfortable stay we recommend to have with sleeping bags, neoprene pads.

August 5
8:00-21:00 stay arriving participants. Familiarization with the stages of the competition
22:00 End

August 6
8:00-10:00 Reveille, breakfast, prepare participants for the competition starts
10:00-10:30 General construction
11:00 Start of competitions
21:00 End of event. General construction, summing up, the solemn awarding ceremony
22:00 Dinner
23:00 End

August 7
8:00-9:00 Reveille, breakfast, general construction
9:30-13:30 Departure for a friendly game, organized for all participants.
14:00-22:00 Departure to the sea (one of the oldest national parks in the country of the Curonian Spit)

Step 1
Assault on the premises with terrorists

Step 2
Assault on a bus with the terrorists and hostages

Step 3
Practical shooting. (IPSC)

General questions.
For any dispute with the judges on the competitive level of the championship, unsportsmanlike conduct, disobeying the lawful demands of the organizers directly during the event, the team cautioned. The team has received two warnings - removed from the stage and disqualified from the tournament. We look forward to your conscious attitude to the whole event as a whole.
Efficient organization and conduct of the championship depends not only on us but on the participants in the event as well.

Yours faithfully
Organizing Committee of the championship.

Kontakt zum Event:
Link zum Forum >>HIER!<<

Sonntag, 5. Juni 2011

Pics: Special Operations Dagestan 2011

some Pics from Member of Alfa Antiterror in Dagestan