Dienstag, 25. November 2014


Today we want to present you something special. We received 2 very nice AKSU Rifles. We have the E&L AKSU (AEG) and our Sponsor Red Star Militaria sended us a original AKSU manufatured in Tula (Russia).
We heared lots of rumors that the E&L AKSU is more close to the original than other Airsoft Guns. Let's check out how close it really is.

Below: Tula AKSU

You can see the different finishing, also the diffent Handguards.
On the other Hand, the wood color is very close to the original, size is the same.

Here you can see again the diffent finish. I think you can fix that with some black spray paint.
The Bolt of the AKSU is numbered, this detail is missing on the E&L AK.

Different Handguards. The original has just one straight gap. The E&L Handguard has bigger holes.
Also you can see that the rivets and holes on the E&L body are different from the original.

Original guns have all parts numbered. Some details you won't find on any Airsoft gun, but it's easy to punch some numbers in the metal. The serial number on the receiver is marked with white color. Also this detail is missing on E&L. The numbers are not punched like on the original, the laser engraving looks too clean to me.

Iron sights of the AKSU you can see the markings are a little bit different.
A little bit too small and dark on the E&L AKSU.

The original muzzle break is chrome plated. This detail is missing on the E&L AKSU.
You can take some silver spray paint to fix that.

The folding stock if the AKSU is bent inwardly. E&L is the first manufacturer who noticed this detail

The welding of the E&L AKSU is very rugged

The shutter is a little bit different.

The E&L AKSU comes with a mount rail. Our original AKSU is missing that.

You can see the closing mechanism of the original AKSU looks stronger than on the E&L AKSU.
The Shutter stands out clearly and has a hole. 
Also the color of the pistol grip is different, I would prefer a LCT grip with "Bakelite" look,. This will be more close to the original. It's obvious thet  the diameter of the Grip is different. Its impossible to put the AEG motor into an original size AK pistol grip.

The E&L wooden parts are a little bit too thick.
The ventilation slit is cosed.

The muzzle break looks a little bit different in shape. Also the gas tube is fixed with 2 pins. That's different from the original.

On the original Handguard, there is a big metal pin in the wood. On the E&L AKSU this pin is much smaller.