Freitag, 19. Juni 2015

Review: K6-3 Replica from RedZone

After a long search for a good K6-3 replica Helmet I finally received this 
Red Star Militaria offers this Helmet now on pre-order
Delivery time in my case was just 2 weeks.

There are 2 versions available . One without visor and one with visor. 

The Helmet came wrapped in black plastic foil to avoid scratches.
Also the polycarbonate window in the shield is covered with white foil.
The helmet is very robust and feels like a real one.
The helmet shell is made very thick fiber-glass and feels absolute realistic. My old Helmetreplicas K6-3 was just a piece of plastic with some rubber on the inside to make it look thick.

Also the Visor is made from a laser cut steel plate and the window from thick Polycarbonate.
The window frame is made from cast Aluminium.
The visor has 2 air holes behind the window for better air circulation, the most replica helmets don't have this feature.
It's much better than my old helmet without the holes because it reduces the fog behind the visor.

But enough said. Check out the pictures:

Available on pre-order on