Donnerstag, 11. Dezember 2014

Review: RedZone RSP-30 flare replica

RedZone came up with RSP-30 flares a few months ago. We received some Samples of them through our supporter Red Star Militaria

We were surprised by the quality, because there was no repro flare before this close to the original.
Check out our pictures:

RedZone produces 3 different kinds of flares. Red, green and white.

Upside RedZone
Below Original RSP-30 Flare
You can see the different colors of the igniters and different markings.
Red Zone uses painted resin for the igniter parts and the same paper material for the flare tube
which where used for the original RSP-30 Flares.

Original markings for comparison. You can see there are different markings and our three original flares are not representative for all kinds of markings. There are much more styles, including the style RedZone uses for it's flares.

The RedZone Flares comes with a metal cap. 
All original Flares you can get in the west are fired and are missing this detail.

The original igniter is build from metal, RedZone uses painted resin parts.
All parts are clean and the painting is good.

Cap markings for comparison.

 Cap markings for comparison.

Cap markings for comparison.
The red flare comes with different cap markings then our original RSP-30.

We think RedZone has made a very good job with this flares. They are hard to reproduce and we saw much crappy homemade repros in the past for much more money.
This is definetive a must have for every russian geardo.

You can get these flares for 11,90 € on