Montag, 25. Februar 2013

- And again - "Zenith" ... (by KardeN)

Hello dear friends It so happened that all the new clothes, came to me recently, are made ​​of "winged metal". It lights the firm Zenith - "2" , "2D" , the combined laser pointer "finger-4" and shorter kvadreyl (Quad Rail System) B-10M , made ​​in the dimensions of regular forearm. Well, "pile up" - an interesting combination lighthouse - Chevron and upgraded weapons belt "Duty M2."
I'll start with the lights.
LED light-2 anti-aircraft guns in appearance differs from most "zenitovskih" light ...

By design, it is similar to the "classic" lights and is intended for use as a flashlight.
He transferred to the unloading system ...
or equipping zone and is used for the inspection of premises, places and objects.
However, it can easily be attached to any weapon that has Weaver rail or Picatinny ...

Lamp housing is made ​​of aluminum alloy and has a water-resistant and shock-resistant design.
A lantern Diameter - 34.4 mm.
Length of a lantern - 145mm.
Light weight - 145gr.
Black finish, rough to the touch, coupled with variable cross-section of the cover, knurled and rubber ring does not slip out of the hands of the lantern.
At the ends of the lamp have so-called "shock" to the edge of the shape of the crown ...
P1010209 P1010216
Glass lamp, according to the instruction manual - toughened and enlightenment.
Power flow in the center of the light spot at a distance 5metrov - 500 + - 50lk
Operating time with constant brightness light glow when fully charged battery - at least 1.5 hours.
Range of illumination - at least 150metrov.
Powered by a built-in lithium-ion battery (in size 18650).
Battery Life - 500 cycles.
The package also includes a lantern:
- Charger ...
P1010233 P1010288
- Belt loop
- Removable belt clip ...
P1010237 P1010254
- Bag ...
P1010200 P1010203
- Manual ...
- Car charger.
- With mounting pouch MOLLE ...
- A specialized mount for a weapon ...
P1010224 P1010230
- Remote button ...
Flashlight has seven modes of operation, which are controlled with a single button ...

The control algorithm is very simple and does not require the presence of the owner of degrees.
A short press of the button will activate one of the five degrees of light output, selected earlier.
They are selected by holding down when the lamp.
Every two seconds, change the brightness of the previous installation, and "in a circle."
The following mode - the mode strobe.
When the lamp is turned off quickly double-click the button to run this mode with a frequency of blinking 12Gts.
There is a momentary glow mode button.
If you press and hold it, then activating the maximum power.
To turn off the light enough to remove your finger from the button.
Regardless of the light flux include the lamps, simply double click on the button quickly to bring light to the maximum power.
When a low battery light power decreases to 1/5 of the maximum, and gives an indication of triple-winks every 30 seconds and the light will automatically turn off.
To charge the torch to network charger with automatic shut-off ...
P1010250 P1010257
On the circumference of the cover has three grooves, covered with rubber rings ...
Ring helps retain denser canopy in hand and act as shock absorbers when installing the lamp on the gun.
When using the original mounting center ring is removed, as there is on the inside of the tabs to secure mounting of the cover of the longitudinal movement while putting ...
You can use any ring for mounting optics size 30mm ...
And "inch" ring ...
P1010263 P1010272

A modification of this lamp is a light anti-aircraft gun-2D
P1010435P1010456P1010446P1010443P1010462 P1010465
It has a capacity of 1200 + -100 lux.
Copy of the photo has the power 1372lk.
Working time - at least 1.5 hours.
Range - not less than 300 m.
Diameter - 45mm.
Length - 175 mm.
Weight - 225gr.
If its smaller sibling can be considered a pocket, the "2D" can be considered a full-fledged weapon lights ...
P1010429P1010432 P1010637P1010639
There are AC and car charger ...
LCC "Finger -4"
Designed to indicate the purpose of the observation, inspection and maintenance of fire from small arms at night in two ranges:
- Red (635nm)
- Infrared (850nm)
A weapon by means of mounting Picatinny or Weaver ....

Power - the element or CR123A appropriate battery ...

Control of the laser unit by using the buttons on the remote button and ...
P1010348 P1010342
Time of continuous operation at maximum capacity - 12 hours.
Effective range:
- Red beam - 300 +-100m
- Infrared ray - 400-100m +
Dimensions - 95h65h40mm
Weight without battery - 195gr
Above, on the shelf is one of the buttons on and vertical adjustment mechanism ...
Side - buttons adjust the brightness lasers and lights ...
On the front side - the second power button lights work and a connection for remote button ...
On the right side - the mechanism of horizontal adjustment and screw to arms ...
Front output window contains the laser unit, protected by toughened glass and the battery cover ...
ON and OFF button with the remote button overlap.
Simultaneously pressing the two buttons off the housing unit and blocks all control buttons, as reported by blinking three times.
To unlock the controls required simultaneously pressing the same buttons. Pressing any button on the locked device will display warning triple diode.
Except in the mode of constant radiation using the flash, you can set the frequency 2Hz
Can be enabled at only one type of radiation.
The side buttons are designed to increase the brightness of the laser beams and the lights of their work.
Pressing the keys simultaneously switches the light red to infrared.
In the back of the device is placed color indicator, which informs about the operation of lasers. Red indication is responsible for the visible laser. Blue - for infrared
There is also an energy-saving mode, in which, after 2 seconds after the shutdown current consumption is reduced to 0.5 mA.
Lodging unit on the gun:
- Side ...
P1010317 P1010328
- At the top. This option is acceptable when using the "high" sights ...
P1010386 P1010415
- When using the forearm B-10 or B-10M ...
Remote button - standard and is attached to the arms with Velcro.
The range of the manufacturer is remote button with mounting bracket to Picatinny ...
It is similar to button on the lamp-2 anti-aircraft guns and anti-aircraft guns-2D.
Only in this case we used the same connector used in lanterns series "The Tick."
The method of attaching the keys of course comfortable. But it hurts a lot of space is required on the shank ...
I think it would be prudent to reduce the length in half.
Regarding the layout block ...
But I am confused by the fact that the installation of the unit from top weapons axis lasers strongly shifted to the right of the axis of the barrel ...
Could it be that the way of the laser beams is loo ...
It would be nice to do the layout of the device in the mirror design.
The more so that option , though in a different manner, there is already ...

Another "bong" - a laser beam passing through the protective glass, forms a spot of red light, visible both day and night ...
She begs cover, similar to those used in foreign counterparts.
With two small holes for the beams ...
Chevron Reflective
Designed for visual identification of "the - another" in the dark.
The inner side of the chevron made ​​of textile fasteners ...
External - of reflective fabric ...
On the outside of the chevron are two grommets - a window through which we see two LEDs. Chevron - Dual Layer.
External and backside pocket form, the entrance to which is closed by Velcro.
In the bag is placed circuit board with LEDs, battery and control button.
Button is located approximately in the middle of the projection chevron pushed "to the touch" ...
Chevron has three pulsating modes LEDs:
- Infrared J ...
- Red ...
- Green ...
They are chosen by pressing the control key sequence.
Streamlined Strap "Debt-M2"
Add color material and accessories.
- You can choose carbine stronger ...
P1010654 P1010642
And most importantly - the sling podtyaga no longer loose.
Now its free end is fixed to the main Velcro sling ...
P1010651 P1010657
One piece Velcro stitched to the belt head podtyaga.
A mate - in an easily removable piece ...
P1010663 P1010660
P1010739 P1010747
Done in size full-forearm.
In the photo - forearm is set to automatic. Bottom - the B-30 fore-end ...


Differs from the first model strips on three sides and the possibility of installing a gas chamber lining on B-19 ...
P1010751 P1010742
Established pad for this option is removed ...
Problems installing a grenade launcher GP-30, 34 was the lack of rails for mounting the lamp on the left forearm.
Now, thanks to a bracket on the left side of the lantern has found its place, together with a hinged swivel as staffing now closed lantern ...
That's all.
Something here is something here .... I zadolbal this new LJ shny interface ....
The next post will be for Lazerman OHT ...