Freitag, 17. September 2010

KITLIST: Sugrob and Default "Za Rodiny" from Belorussia

1. Uniform BDU "Woodland"
2. KLMV "Partizan" in the colors of the "SS-Summer" firm SSO
3. Flak second-class protection and above
(Corund, Redut T5, Defender 2, 6B23)
4. Helmet of the second-class protection with a visor
(ZSH 1-2, mask-1SCH, Altyn, K6-3)
5. Ballistic goggles closed firm Bolle
(X500 tactical, X800 tactical) or ESS (Land Ops, Profile NVG, Turbofun).
6. Fullfinger gloves (recommended Kevlar)
7. Boots or shoes Outdoor
8. Mask / Multiwrap
9. Discharge vest (RPS "SMERSH" or bib "EGYER" firm SSO)
10. Radio KENWOOD TK K4-AT LPD-range
11. Guns - AK-series
12. Gazmask "Mask MB 1-80"
vertical foregrip - UTG
Stock - Magpul & adapter SWAT ARMS
Silencer - TGPA
Flashlight - Jet Beam 250Lm
Sling swivel - Daniel Defense
Flash Light mount base - Daniel Defense

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