Mittwoch, 29. Dezember 2010

Pics: Special Operation in the New Kyahulae (Makhachkala)

Zum Hintergrund:
Special Operation in the New Kyahulae (Makhachkala)

In the course of an additional inspection of the FSB special operation engineers have found a third ready to use IEDs, told the RIA "Dagestan" representative of the NAC.According to our interlocutor, a homemade bomb was a galvanized pail packed with striking elements with protruding wires.Power of the bomb was 8 kg of TNT. "In total, in a house destroyed by militants was found three improvised explosive devices ready for use, the total capacity of which amounted to 11.5 kg of TNT. According to intelligence, the insurgent preparing to bring a bomb into effect New Year's Eve "- said our source. Thus, the FSB republic prevent three major terrorist attack. As reported RIA "Dagestan", the CTO regime in the village of New Kyahulay (a suburb of Makhachkala) on the street Karabudakhkent was introduced on December 29, 06.30, after a private home, law enforcement officials have blocked a member of illegal armed groups.On offer to surrender gunman opened fire with automatic weapons. As law enforcement officers stormed 08.00, which resulted in the offender had been destroyed. (Quelle)

Und nun noch ein paar sehr interessante Bilder:
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