Montag, 14. März 2011



Beyond the Firearm – Part 2 is a significant step in exposing professionals and public alike to the very different concepts and fundamentally different approach to training in preparation for violence. The material presented takes all aspects of training with Kalashnikov rifles to the new level, examining many attributes and details of that training in unprecedented depth. Principles of movement in combat, ambidextrous manipulations of basic controls, “in-fight” methods of dealing with malfunctions, horizontal and vertical displacement, transitions to secondary weapons and many other attributes and skillsets are demonstrated, explained and examined in detailed manner, addressing the factors that are often overlooked. Intentionally focusing on the aspects of gunfighting training beyond that of marksmanship realm, the material, if learned and practiced, can have a significant positive influence on your marksmanship skills applied to the realm of CQB environment. Challenging the dogmatic status quo of modern combat rifle training, the material presented can take your ability to prevail in a gunfight beyond the level afforded by traditional training approaches.
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