Dienstag, 12. Juli 2011

Airsoft Team "Alfa Antiterror"

Heute präsentiere ich euch ein sehr schönes Team aus Spanien, und zwar:

Homepage: http://alfa-antiterror.com/
ALFA is a project that recreates special forces "modern" of the Russian Federation, specifically address "A" Special Assignment Center, one of the most effective anti-terror bodies in the world.

The team concept:
- Our goal - quality airsoft.
- We seek an eye for details of the gear, weapons and coatings to achieve the maximum so similar as possible.
- There is a very strict list of riding mandatory.
- Within the team there are rules that must be observed.
- Team members regularly perform tactical training.

Types of uniforms and equipment:
- Uniform of assault CQB black, or night: anyone, can also be a monkey.
- Gorka Gorka R or D, without camouflage.
-Even in summer any Russian-made suit in camouflage "yellow sheet", "SS-summer", "1957, silver leaf"
Snow-suit manufacturing or Soviet Russia.
- Mono Green for training.
- Molle vest with pockets required type of manufacturers: Survival Corps, BlackHawk STRIKE SSO or black. For summer Smersh SSO, or carving Survival Corps.
-Weapons: AK-74M, AK-104.
Required fore-and tactical red dot.
-Gun: Glock-17, Glock 18C
PMR-power Wolkies 3-5 Wt. Hands-free.

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  1. I've never seen such a collection of toolbags and poser congregate into one sport. http://doodiepants.com/2011/12/08/when-call-of-duty-isnt-enough-airsoft-heroes/