Sonntag, 24. Februar 2013

СК "Витязь" Review: Grach-A (Gletcher)

Video review of the gun Gletcher Grach-A and its comparison with MP-446 "Viking".
The doorposts and words parasites please kick softer, comrades.

What failed to mention in the review:
1. Of the barrel, closing the ejection port - black, silver to combat it, plus everything here is plastic.
2. Store plastic heel - a combat steel.
3. Stick to brand Glacier - a combat stigma ИЖМЕХ
4. Hole for sling and a half times less than the combat.
5. In setting the fuse tightly locked trigger and bolt - on combat blocks also trigger (in both positions)
6. Installation of lights and laser pointer with zenitovskogo attachment B-8
7. Trunk fixed - on combat design with a moving barrel.
8. Shop Viking MP-446 has a capacity of 10 but not 18 rounds (in this case)

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