Dienstag, 22. Juli 2014

RedZonePartizan camouflage net scarf

Today we received a nice piece, every Airsofter misses until today. I searched for a long time for a camo scarf that fits to my russian Gear, now it's available for sale. We received a sample of the SORGA camouflage scarf in Partizan Summer from the Polish manufacturer RedZone. It's not true for Reenactment, but it's perfect for Airsofters.


The measurings of the scarf are 100 x 170 cm. With this size, you can use it as camouflage for a person or big equipment in the field. But I think most of all Airsofters will use it as neck protection.  

 The camo scarf is made from very rough and durable cotton. the edges were reinforced, so that they do not fray or tear. This nice stuff is produced by RedZone from Poland and you can buy it here: www.redstar-militaria.de

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