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About Collimator open KP CP2 and about SR2M general ... (by KardeN)

P1010074 P1010067 P1010071
"Collimator open KP CP2 is designed to improve the efficiency of firing 9mm submachine gun SR2M on emerging and moving targets under time pressure and in a bright sunny day and in the evening or when shooting at night with night vision goggles such as" Quaker ".
Transmittance reflector - not less than 0.7
Operating ambient light - from April 10 to 10 2lk
Conventional angular field of view when removing eye shooter 200mm - at least 6 nbsp;
Maximum range of fire-200m
While working in normal conditions - at least 5hours
Power supply - 6 V
Dimensions 142h33h60mm
Weight - no more than 270gr
Reticles are presented as figures of "bird" and "point" ....
They are lit simultaneously. "Point" were shot at a distance of 100m. "Birdie" - at 200m.
The sight has both manual as well as automatic brightness adjustment sighting marks (light sensor - a window behind the lens) ...

When "0" position mode switch corresponds night operation scope.
Automatic adjustment of brightness sighting marks corresponds to the position of the switch to "1" to "4."
Re-ranging nastrela required after 360 shots.
The kit includes sight bag, hang on now ...
P1010012 P1010013
It has many services for batteries, wipes, lens hood and a screwdriver ...
The main compartment holds a very proper scope, and blend ...
P1010015 P1010024
For fixing the sight on the weapon type has a strip of "dovetail" ...
P1050170 P1010053
Dining sight by two lithium cells B5 LT 14250
Batteries of course Rare, and the shelf life of those who complete with sights, expired last year.
Kind of like comrades suggest alternatives :
Temperature range, which are even higher than in the domestic counterparts.
There is another substitute :
And on " The ideal "- at half the price.
So - to aim to work, it is necessary that there were batteries.
Batteries available. It remains to find the hole, into which the battery stuff.
And finding it is not easy. Because the details even   vaguely reminiscent of the battery cover is not immediately notice ...
As that gopher from "DMB":
"... - And he (ie, cover) - is ..."
And do not even cover and the battery hatch.
What is this defiantly sticking two screws leaf springs?

And this is the mechanism of fixing the battery hatch.
By the way there is the technical description of the sight picture, the cover on which is fixed a flat, horizontal bolt. Perhaps this is one of the modifications,   Supplied with CP-2.
In the manual there is adequate sight picture with the gun's serial number range "033". In this scope, the stopper is on the left side of the body ...

Open the hatch ...

Observe   two spring-loaded pins, rough machined working surfaces. To insert the battery right requires skill, strength, and a certain amount of luck, as the spring at the contact rather rigid, and free play is pretty small ...
Batteries are installed. Cover is closed. The sight is mounted on the gun.
To enable the sight to be moved to select the desired position.
Box itself moves pretty tight and has too flat lever ....
Moreover, the inclusion of sight too has a nearby stop sticking out of sight ...
To operate the sight in sufficient light switch is put in the position of "4" or "3".
In low light conditions the recommended position - "2" or "1".
For shooting using night vision goggles - the "0."
The sight has a manual brightness adjustment sighting marks, and automatic. Why is it so difficult - is unclear.
Note the flywheel lock adjustment. In originality, they do not yield the battery cover lock hatch.
During familiarization with the gun was discovered that on one "Heathers" no dick butt formed, resting in sight ...
Check the position of the sight - all right, he pushed all the way ...
On examination, the other received a gun - guns are no problems with the folding butt was found.
The owner decided to issue arms dramatically. Since the complete gun - no gun file holder (for processing), it is simply defraud butt harder, and taking shavings from sight, folded butt ...
Then repeat the procedure in reverse order.
But at this mishap   not over.
When zeroing two of the three guns - guns gave misfire.
The reason - the weak pinned.
On one copy of the nine designated to fire rounds pinned tri.Povtorny gave misfire did not help.
One pack of cartridges. In order to remove the blame from the cartridges, loaded them with another "Heather."
He is "digested" "kosyachnye" cartridges   no problems.
In general, the reliability of Russian arms in recent years I was very disappointed. And given the profile of my work - very worried.
The first sign was the TL.
Some of the instances of our seventh year misfire (after re-pinned yet   followed by a shot), and stuck the sleeve during shooting for pulegilzoteki.
New guns, right out of the box. Brushed and oiled. True, at the factory. Munitions - sports (martial for shooting are not given)
I read online that all the trouble with PCOS - from defective cartridges.
The representatives of the plant on retreats grease guns users molybdenum grease.
So the question is - why, and what the hell for service received military pistol, by definition, a mass for the normal functioning of which require almost exemplary cartridges and special grease?
And what a dick in the design of the "modern" gun missing lever reset hammers, and is there no one wants (can athletes?) Function setting gun to fuse with the hammer cocked? Feature that was relevant for pistols with single action.
Personally, I have mastered the process smoother shutter trigger, so to speak from childhood. And pull the trigger in this way only, without using a fuse (for ABS).
But with PCOS I worry a lot more than usual :) What to speak of other employees, not so experienced in this difficult matter :)
Some do not even advance shall be sent round in the chamber due to difficulties with safety shutter trigger for TL.
And a friend of mine and decided to put a pistol with the hammer cocked to the fuse babahnul accidentally during the operation. Forgetting about the features of this gun.
And just hand in these cartridge into the chamber in PCOS, by shallow corrugations on the walls of the gate - the more fun. Especially frozen hands or if the surface is lubricated bolt.
Second swallow - the icon of the domestic weapons.
That - it is advertised descendant - AK74M.
All of our machines units were obtained in 1993.
91go weapons and basically 92go of release.
So far not received any new AK74M.
The replacement to get some second-hand machines and past repair issue 95th, 96go, 97go of release.
Even the old machines nastrel relatively small.
And now, for some time of our automatic dual epidemic of shots.
Cup I passed, but fate dealt me a blow to the heart ...
During one operation happened in my misfire.
Immediately reloaded the machine, I pulled the trigger.
Another recharge.
The result is - well.
Before I begin to realize that I do not hear clicks descent trigger and the trigger as it is not so back on. That is, almost no returns.
Returned to "the bench."
Examined selected cartridges.
No traces pinned.
Decided that overheated spring.
Shot out like a few shops in a row, however, a single lamp.
But the machine - the old, a little - whether that ...
Decided to give the machine to cool down.
Cooled machine made ​​one shot.
And silent. The hammer did not move back.
For the production of graying shot had hooked a finger pressing forward.
Because such a "hockey" I did not need, I "bummed" another gun and continued ...
Upon returning to base, I changed the whole trigger assembly and machine "earned."
But the sediment remained ...
A belief in the most reliable machine cracked.
We return to SR2M. And to his sight.
Ten years ago, if this was a sight I had, I would be very happy.
But now, like a 21, and sight to the characteristics of the hero of our story well, not exactly one of the best.
Then a friend of mine at the Hansa, who worked by the manufacturer SR-2, expressed the view that comparable   characteristics of sight should never find ...
Well, let's search ...
The main criterion for selection of sight to install it on CP2 - the width.
The width of the KP-CP2 is 33mm, which allows the sight to enter the cut butt folded.
The second criterion - the price.
That's according to this criterion, we may assume that the KP CP2 - the world's best sights.
The purchase price SR2M without red dot scope - 88 206 rubles. 2009m in the year.
The purchase price SR2M with dot sight KP CP2 -132 023.12 rubles. In 2012.
We assume that the approximate price of a gun - gun - a hundred thousand rubles, given the possible differences in the prices of different years of procurement.
The remaining thirty two thousand rubles. It turns out that about the same amount bought sight.
And what sights we can choose, for thirty two thousand, given the restriction on dimensions?
Choose from the same type of "open" collimator sights.

Delta Point Reflex Sight
In the limit of price and size fit with a vengeance.
Width of 30mm.
For crashworthiness - sight is designed for shooting with pistols and rifles.
Temperature range - more than enough. From -29 ° C to + 40 ° C.
Reliability.   Here is one manufacturer's name speaks for itself.
Powered by a lithium "the pill" in 2032 with longer battery life.
Trijicon RMR ®
Width - from 28 to 30 mm, depending on the modification.
Operating temperature range - from -40 ° C to +49 ° C.
Storage temperature range - 40 ° C to + 71 ° C
Battery Life "2032" - from two to five years.
DOCTER ® sight II plus
DOCTER ® sight III
Width - 25.4 mm
Operating temperature range - from -25 ° C to +55 ° C
Storage temperature range - 40 ° C to + 70 ° C
Used battery - "2032"
Opening hours on one battery - up to two years.
Almost all of these sights have a price below the bar at twenty thousand, half the length, and the batteries that can be purchased at almost any store.
Well, about the power at all to say no ...
If you can live with dimensions of sight and inability folding shoulder rest - and there are many Eotekov Eympoyntov. Any one of them head and shoulders above any domestic collimator.
For example - Empoynt Micro T-1 or H -1

50 000 hours on a single lithium "pills.
Temperature Range   -30 ° - +60 ° C, and at the T-1 - from   -45 ° to +71 ° C.
High impact resistant features that allow to set this target on any portable weapons from pistols to hunting rifles chambered, developing high blood pressure ...
Another brand.
The sight is mounted on the hub with bars, screw on the muzzle of the barrel.
Controversial decision, but the width of sight does not allow add / expand the butt.
Therefore, in this case, users have found the installation so ...
I remember some time ago, I was unhappy that the Interior Ministry had purchased "Heathers" without collimators.
Now, go and get the KP CP2 better, I do not even know - glad you did not buy them ...
It is time our designers to keep up with the times. Apparently, they do not fully have felt   all the charm of "nanotechnology" promoted at one time lover "Ogryzkov."
But in extreme cases, buy a license from the Swedes .
It's time for the "Heather" is taken.
For example, in my department,   comrades, not zamorochennye such as I, at the first "acquaintance" with the "Heather" note uncomfortable anchoring by unnecessarily long butt.
In general, it normalnoyi style = length ... in normal layout weapons.
But the layout of "store in the handle"   to   stock length is added distance from the handle to the butt plate box automation.
As a result of fire with buttstock and using   front grip has a highly elongated left hand ...
The situation is reminiscent of the ready to be fired from a grenade launcher while wearing butt to butt and wearing body armor on the shooter. Else fun ...
If this feature of the weapon is considered a problem, then, in my opinion, there are several   solutions:
1. - shorten the stock and use a different method of fixation in the folded position. Of course, for such an option would have to develop a more compact collimator sight, at least shorter. Or the old shift the joy (buying sight) on the shoulders of the user.
2 - Use a mobile joint stock with the automatic box, so that in a combat situation shoulder rest could "hang" on the automatic box. The sight would have to use the other. Shorter.
3 --- use   foldaside shoulder rest. Of course, it will increase the size of the transverse arms   but times have concealed carry weapons fell into oblivion and people now prefer to dress and arm themselves "to the full."
----- Do nothing   as "other options have drawbacks butts."
Illustration from "Weapons" ...
Why not change the layout?
Usually the standard layout is not too bad. Almost all major parts remain the same. Only need to rebuild USM, forearm and pistol grip, making it, along with the receiver store and trigger guard assembly as a single unit.
Of course,   layout "store in the handle" allows you to shoot with one hand, but also from small machines with one hand is also quite impossible. And much of the lighter PP - even more so.
But in normal layout:
- Disappear any problems with anchoring
- Center of gravity forward of the weapon goes hand needle, which can increase some patterning queues
- There is a possibility   connect the two - three stores
- Perhaps this will be the first PP (not counting itself CP2) with the collimator and the folding up the butt.
There's an easier way.
Conversion of CP-3 and CP-3M pistol gun.
But here in the first place there is the price, so   as receiver of these machines - milled.
However, this is not so important for procurement.


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