Dienstag, 12. März 2013

CO FSB and the Interior March 12, 2013 in the CBD and Ingushetia

March 12, 2013, Moscow - NalchikInformation Center of the National Anti-Terrorism Committee said:March 11-12, in Kabardino-Balkaria and Ingushetia by the FSB in cooperation with the authorities of the Interior conducted a comprehensive special operations aimed at neutralizing interregional criminal group engaged in the supply of weapons gangster underground prevailing in the region.During the development of channels of resource support terrorism security authorities have set the address and place of residence of some members of this group and have begun implementing measures. Head of the operational headquarters in the CBD was introduced legal counter-terrorist operation in an area of ​​the town of Baksan, where gunmen were hiding.In addition, security forces of the FSB Russia attempted to arrest criminals, traveling in two cars on the road at the village Grabovets Prokhladnensky district as well as the car in the village of Lower Kurp Terek district CBD.When armed resistance to the four bandits were neutralized. They previously identified as: A. Tleuzhev, born in 1976, serving as the organizer of the supply of weapons, previous convictions, H. Mako, born in 1975, is a "financier" of so-called Baksan gang; Dzagashtov A., born in 1976, and A. Mamreshev, 1979 All of them are not only engaged in providing criminals with weapons and ammunition, but also involved in criminal actions to extort money from businessmen. As a result of the complex operational activities, eight gangsters were arrested.In cars, which followed the bandits, and a number of verified addresses found three machine with ammunition, IED capacity of more than 5 kg of TNT, destroyed on the spot, a grenade launcher, TNT sticks and gun, as well as packets of heroin and a bag of marijuana. In the basement, locked in the house during an operation in the town of Baksan was eliminated whole gangster laboratory manufacturing IEDs, which houses a number of ready-to-use explosive devices and a number of components to it.By the FSB in some settlements Malgobek district of Ingushetia also conducted active measures to search for arms suppliers. Searches in some addresses allowed to find firearms, ammunition and equipment, in particular, a Kalashnikov rifle, a pistol made in Italy, the imager.In the course of the activities of victims among the civilian population and the loss of the personnel of the security forces there. Implement further operational-search activities and investigations, including a host address bandits and their accomplices.Information Centre NAC emphasizes that the suppression of the criminal group, supplying the bandits weapons, seriously damaged terrorist underground in the North Caucasus.

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