Mittwoch, 11. Juli 2012

Stich Profi Shooting

Plastic paucher, production company Stitch PROFI, Ekaterinburg, allows the store to have a Kalashnikov bullets down. Pulling is the left hand. Equipped with a TEK-LOK fastening and adjusting the angle of inclination.

Strap on a tactical 3-point synthetic production company Stitch Pro, with elastic cushioning element, universal, adjustable, automatic weapons for medium and large size and weight format.
- To ensure maximum comfort when carrying the weapon in the position of high alert;
- Easy and fast manipulation of the weapon in situations of high probability of sudden firing of contacts;
- The possibility of placement and secure fixation of weapons on any type of protective clothing and ammunition.
- High-strength, durable, vlagoottalkivayuschaya tissue;
- Strong hasp synthetic leather strap;
- Reinforced elastic cushioning element;
- A special weapon accessories strength.
Strap on a tactical 3-point number 2 has improved performance when used in the tactical activities that involve sudden firing pins. The presence of an elastic shock absorber, first, softens jerks with sharp, high-speed manipulation of Arms (vskidyvanie, the rejection of access to short-or cold backup weapon). Second, ensure increased comfort carrying weapons, providing a density of its adjacency to the body and at the same time, freedom of movement, not in principle achievable by using only one hard lines. Methods for the deployment of weapons - all that are used with all types of tactical weapons belts, but the most ergonomic, practical, down the barrel of the position are behind or under the arm on the side. Bringing weapons in readiness for firing can be done instantly, without visual control, with one hand from any position. The same is instantly adjustable length of the belt (free hand), which creates an extra comfortable foothold in the shooting. The width and the severity level of all elements of textiles - the result of specific case studies, testing of prototypes in different settings, the study of development of the best domestic and foreign manufacturers of tactical gear.

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