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Tactical Store: STICH PROFI

Bondage belt discharge molle, art. 3585
Eradication Tactical 50 mm, no. 3560
Shoulder piping system molle, art. 3595
Bondage belt discharge molle, art. 3618, 3622
Shoulder piping system molle, art. 3617
Bib quick molle, art. 3621

Breast discharge system molle, art. 3630

Strap on a tactical 3-point number 2, art. 3572
has improved performance when used in the tactical activities that involve sudden firing pins. The presence of an elastic shock absorber, first, softens jerks with sharp, high-speed manipulation of Arms (vskidyvanie, the rejection of access to short-or cold backup weapon). Second, ensure increased comfort carrying weapons, providing a density of its adjacency to the body and at the same time, freedom of movement, not in principle achievable by using only one hard lines. Methods for the deployment of weapons - all that are used with all types of tactical weapons belts, but the most ergonomic, practical, down the barrel of the position are behind or under the arm on the side. Bringing weapons in readiness for firing can be done instantly, without visual control, with one hand from any position. The same is instantly adjustable length of the belt (free hand), which creates an extra comfortable foothold in the shooting.

Unloading system molle. The principle of the assembly equipment.
Bondage prolonged fasting molle, art. 3618
Pouch (pouch) for the machine gun ammo boxes for 100 (molle), art. 3586

Pouch at 2 stores AK molle, ART. 3576
Pouch at 2 stores AK molle, ART. 3582
Pouch at 1 store AK molle, ART. 3580
Pouch at 1 store AK molle, ART. 3581
Modular AC POUCH molle, ART. 3597
Modular Pouch AK № 2 molle, ART. 3624
Pouch Modular shorter molle, ART. 3613
Bag dumping stores molle, art. 3592
Bag dumping of large stores molle, art. 3625

Pouch for individual dressing package art. 3575
Pouch for individual dressing package "Alpha", art. 3599
Medical Bag "NATO", art. 3634
Medical bag quick release, no. 3584

Technical small bag molle, art. 3588
Bag Technical average molle, art. 3589
Bag a general purpose multi-molle? no. 3616
Technical large bag with pockets molle, art. 3594
Bag a big technical molle, art. 3590
Horizontal general purpose pouch molle, art. 3614
Vertical general purpose pouch molle, art. 3628

Consisting of a cover for carrying sniper weapons coupled with tactical backpack fitted with additional PAL-cell equipment for fixing the system MOLLE.
The main department of the backpack has the ability to separate into two compartments by a folding partition and includes a front load. By perimRyukzak sniper "Legionnaire" etru inside a backpack, there are 4 pockets and an elastic stretch-mesh pocket. On each side of the backpack are two roomy external pockets, which are also covered by PAL-cell equipment for fixing the system MOLLE. The top pocket with a vertical handle for carrying the backpack can easily accommodate extra gear and medium sized equipment. Shoulder and lap belts are covered with carrying straps and have the ability to remove and attach to a backpack into the cover. The belt is covered with three rows of six PAL-cells.
Cover under the gun attached to a backpack with two zippers and buckles fasteks four. Case is designed for quick removal of weapons and concealed carry. Additional cover-cap is removed and is regulated by four straps, two on each side. In addition, case cover protects guns from moisture, dirt and damage. On the cover also has a carrying handle weapons apart from the pack.

intended for mounting on the system MOLLE:
art.3586 - Pouch for the machine gun ammo boxes for 100 MOLLE
art.3646 - Pouch at 2 stores PKK (caliber 5,45) MOLLE
art.3583 - Pouch for disk stores up to 75 rounds of ammunition, "the snail" for the PKK (caliber 7,62) MOLLE
art.3611 - Shop for POUCH MOLLE SVD
art.3610 - Pouch for MOLLE CB Shop
art.3612 - Shop for POUCH MOLLE SHAFT
art.3635 - Pouch for MOLLE WBU Store
art.3571 - Pouch with hand grenades RGO, RGN, F1, RGD-5 MOLLE
art.3623 - Pouch for hand smoke grenades RDG-P MOLLE
art.3591 - Pouch for spetsgranat RDG-M, RGR, RGC-60 MOLLE
art.3639 - Pouch of 5 pcs. VOG-25 and VOG-25P MOLLE
art.3641 - MOLLE platform transition
art.3626 - POUCH to store 30 rounds of PP MOLLE
art.3627 - POUCH to store 20 rounds of PP in the MOLLE
art.3647 - Pouch for 10 rounds for the COP-23

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