Mittwoch, 15. August 2012

Izhmash Presents: AK-100 & Vityaz-SN Clips

AK-100 assault rifle mod. 101,102,103,104
Vending machines are made with a folding stock.
The design incorporates modern materials. Stock, store, forearm, hand guards and pistol grip are made of plastic and have a high impact strength and resistance to external influences. Application of protective coatings for high corrosion resistance of metal parts.
On a side bracket slots for mounting optical and night sights.
On the AK101 provides seating for joining the 40-mm grenade launcher or a bayonet-knife.
Muzzle brake for high accuracy automatic firing by reducing the disposal of the machine from the aiming point and reduce energy recoil.
Available in the company quality control system, which includes comprehensive testing ensures high quality of AK101, 102,103,104.

9-mm. sub-machine gun "Vityaz-SN" is designed to engage manpower, including flak jackets protected, as well as soft-skinned vehicles (cars, trucks, etc.).
Used for firing bullets 9x19 mm. of various types.
Stock is made from a detachable magazine sector-30 rounds. Provided for fastening the device to connect the two stores into a single unit, which speeds up reloading.
For ease of transportation sub-machine gun has a folding stock on the left side.
The principle of operation is based on the use of automatic recoil free bolt. The trigger mechanism allows for automatic and single fire.
The submachine gun is equipped with a mechanical eye, consisting of a rear sight and front sight.
There are two ways to install the brackets and optical dot sight:
- Strip "Picatinny" on the cover of the receiver;
- Or the standard side rail on the left side of the receiver.
On the front sight block and the mounting shank provides a place for the laser designator, optical light and the front handle.
If necessary, sub-machine gun can be equipped with a removable silencer.
"Vityaz-SN" has the following advantages:
- The optimal size, weight, excellent balance and ergonomics ensure effective management of fire in a confined space,
- Efficient design store connection, the ability to quickly change an advantage in the conduct of fire
- It is possible to set various sighting devices and accessories
- Methods of preparing for the shooting, shooting and maintenance techniques are identical to the treatment of a Kalashnikov assault rifle, which greatly simplifies training.
The high degree of commonality with AK provides excellent reliability and performance submachine gun "Vityaz-SN".

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