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Review: Defender-2 Semi Molle Version Replica (I.K.A.R.Taktika)

The Fort Defender and Defender-2 armor vest is used principally by the TsSN of the Russian Federation and provides users with front and back variable level protection. Protection elements consist of the vest itself along with a removable groin protector and adjustable front and back collar protection. The vest contains layered fabric for protection of class II along with compartments for the installation of armor plates. These plates are capable of GOST Level V and VI protection.The Defender series vest continues to be used today by Alfa, Vympel, and regional FSB groups.

The Defender 2 Semi Molle Version replica is very well made from 500den Cordura. The outside is heavier Cordura then the black inside. The sewing is good, but most seams are single thread. At the stress points the seams are double threaded.
This replica is heavy, with it’s weight being 3,7 KG. It’s a one size fits all.

The label inside reads: “N.K.A.P.” IKAR-TACTICS.RU. Attached with a safety pin was a little bag with three separate labels with FORT print.

At the front there is a rather small MOLLE part which basically covers the chest area. The throat-protector is attached by Velcro at the chest part and with Velcro straps at the shoulder. This is fully adjustable and removable. The neck protector is exactly the same.

The Velcro at the chest and the back has MOLLE loops. So if you do not use the neck/throat protector you gain extra space for MOLLE attachments. Especially at the chest this adds valuable space.

Above: the Velcro shoulderstraps.

View of the front of the protector. Notice the Velcro sealed opening. Inside is a “filling”. Removing this is a bit tricky, as the opening is rather small.

View of the back of the protector.This is the side facing the users. The brownish coloured fabric feels very soft and I think it will absorb sweat very fast. The fabric feels like nylon.

At the front there are three strips of Velcro across the frontside. If you are blessed with a big belly for once this is an advantage. There will be Velcro uncovered by the side straps which will allow you to use attachments with a Velcro back.
Also done here:

At the bottom of the frontside there is a detachable crotch protector. It is attached to the front by Velcro.

Again Velcro is used.

The crotchprotector can also be opened to remove the “filling”.

The left side of the front MOLLE chest part can be opened and reveals a pocket as large as the entire MOLLE part

The right side of the MOLLE chest part cannot be opened.

The bottom of the front MOLLE chest part can also be opened and reveals another pocket underneath the Velcro stomach strips. This pocket is as wide as the Molle part

The back has much more MOLLE loops and is divided into two parts: top and lower.

The top part can be opened at the right side to reveal a pocket which is as large as the top MOLLE part.

The left side of the top MOLLE part at the back cannot be opened. Clearly visible in this picture is the overlap of the top and bottom MOLLE part. The bottom of the top part can be lifted and reveals another pocket.

This pocket is as large as the complete bottom MOLLE part.

You can detach the front and back completely from each other.

The shoulder straps of the back are attached to the front with Velcro and secured with another Velcro strap. The shoulder straps are flexible and can be used to tailor the Defender for a better fit.

The inside of both front and back part of the Defender is completely black. The blueish part is a breather/spacer which is attached via Velcro and can be removed.

The backside of the breather has three vertical Velcro strips.

The picture above shows the breather held into the light. Clearly visible is the open structure. The material inside is made from foam as to not soak up fluids.

The picture above shows the front inside with the detached breather. Note the four horizontal Velcro strips for attaching the breather. Below is the backside

Between the third and fourth Velcro strip there is a Velcro closed opening at both the front and back inside. Via this opening you can remove the “filling”

The opening for the back “filling” is rather small and you need to be very carefull when removing the “filling” as to not tear open this opening.

The back “filling” covers the complete backside and is rather heavy at more then 0,5KG. It is made of a ripstop like light Cordura. You can only open this by opening the seams which of course I didn’t do. Inside the “filling” is a multi-layered stuffing which is sewn together. The “filling” is stiff but still flexible. All “filling” is made like this back “filling”

The opening to the front “filling” is much larger as the front “filling” is much wider then the back “filling”. Inside the pocket there is white foam visible to strenghten the shoulder parts.

The front “filling” is more ergonomically shaped for beter movement and “protection” of the sides of the user. The “fillings” are responsible for the weight of the Defender. Without the “fillings” the Defender is much more comfortable to wear. But it also looks much less like a body armour.

And finally a picture with a SPOSN KP-44 holster. This is a mid-sized holster and illustrates how little MOLLE space there is at the front.
This Defender replica feels sturdy and robust. But only time will tell how good the Velcro really is and how much stress the single threaded sewings can endure. But at first sight it looks stunning and feels robust.
(reviewed by Jempy)

You can get it here:

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