Freitag, 3. August 2012


This is a newest Russian FSB helmet LSHZ-2DTM
Vulcan Replica.

Entire set includes:
- Helmet with mount for NVG, RAIL and helmet liner
- Face shield
- Face shield cover (black)
- Aventail, 3 pcs (neck protection, in 3 colors - black, white, and olive)
- Helmet cover, 3 pcs (in 3 colors - black, white, and olive)
- Radio headset with built-in headphones
- Light reflecting patch for the helmet
- Counterbalance to use helmet with NVG
- Bag for all this super stuff

- Face shield has 3 positions: closed, half-open and fully open.
- Helmet has a mount for NVG, and a weaver mount on the right side (can be used to mount light or other stuff).
- Helmet has a new comfortable liner.
- Helmet components like NVG and visor mount are made of metal
- All parts of the replica are similar to original helmet parts.

Steklovata will get one of these Vulkan Helmet
and we will do full Video and Picture Review of it!

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