Mittwoch, 3. Oktober 2012

Addition to "Zenith: PKM Tuning (by KardeN)"

Tuning panel of "Zenith"
Planck B-50 with no top "bridge" for the collimator ...
- "Bull" ...
DSC06737 ф-бп
- Butt PT-2
  PC machine gun, PKM, the panel ...
pt-2 pt-2_1 pt-2_2 pt-2_3 pt-2_4 в-пк ф-пк

On the butt:

- Bulky

- Short backplate

- Handle the AK, in my opinion, it did not place.
Fasten the bar, and it handles all, even zenitovskie.Horoshy example - L86A1
- Butt PT-1 - a good foundation for easier stock.
Plus long backplate, a bracket for holding the handle.
- This option to make a fold.

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