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«GARSING» - model M.61 C «TRAVELER" (by KardeN)

«GARSING» - model M .61 C « T RAVELER "
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Sneakers (or shoes) for medium and light trekking, as well as for the urban environment. Perfect
to be worn in hot weather, if you do an alternative - boots with high ankle boots. Slush for these shoes is not a problem.
Top - Combined: leather splits "Velour" fabric "Cordura" Du Pont ®, leather "Matrix"
DSC01262 DSC01256 DSC01264
Outsole - Molded Rubber «ARAVI BLACK» (± 40 ° C) in Italy. Figure provides a firm grip to the ground and rocky surface ...
The method of attaching soles - glue ...
Supinator - metal
Toe - reinforced, made of thermoplastic material
Heel - the hard of thermoplastic material
Deaf valve
Accessories - speed lacing - hinges ...
To enhance the toe and heel leather used "Matrix" ...
DSC01289 DSC01231
Insoles of «EVA» ...
The lining is made with the addition of COMFOTEX ™ - durable and water-windproof breathable membrane fabric ...
Given the waterproof outer layer of the shoes can be used in bad weather and in the field ...
  DSC01247 DSC01235 DSC01236
In general, I can say with confidence that the shoes were great fun ...
Sewing - quality. Durability - well, at least at first trying nothing came off (as happened to me once in the store ...).
  Definite plus - "quiet" and at the same time, modern design to allow use of shoes, including a uniform footwear. This contributes to the "authorized" color. Would not hurt, and dilute the model range of khaki and olive. Personally, I would not mind and increase the height, inches to five. This would increase the "all-terrain and all-weather" of this model.
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