Freitag, 14. Dezember 2012

Review: R-392 Headset (p392 наушники) (by Gruppa-L)

This is the headset of the R-392 man pack radio. It uses a dynamic microphone as well as a dynamic speaker. This is a typical setup for army radios, since dynamic microphones are more resistant then capacitor or piezo based ones.
However most amateur radios only work with those. So I had put in a piezo microphone in order to get this thing running with my Wouxun KG-UV6D. The speaker is good to go without any modification.

The design is rather unique – the microphone rests on the cheekbone. This way the ambient noise is massively reduced. It’s the same working principle throat microphones use. This is obviously a good thing to have for a headset which should work in combat situations with a lot of noise around.
(photos taken from:
The R-392 radio which this headset belongs to was developed in the 1980′s and can be still found in service. It offers 6 fixed frequencies: 44.3, 44.6,44.9, 45.2, 45.8 MHz. The design of the device itself is pretty similar to its predecessor – the R 126.
The radio is carried on the back and often used in the role of a patrol radio.


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