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O lantern ... (by KardeN)

Hello dear friends
Something I put at the forefront, in recent times, the principle - "less talk - more than listen." Which translated into English means LJ - "less write - more are viewing."
They say that if you follow the conventional wisdom saying one can and go for the smart. Ate more silent.
So that you have not got the wrong impression about my cleverness, I'll try to begin to shift the ratio of "silent - listening," that is "read - write," about the middle of the scale.
Let's talk today about the lights.
Flashlight - this is one of the items that caused probably many, many childhood delight and any adventure fantasy.
And now the torch, despite electrification started by German engineers before 1917 and continued electrification commission in the Soviet era - a necessary accessory, not only in the province, but also in major cities.
Not to mention the places where the lights Ilyich is not in sight, that is, in the nature.
My concept for lamps as follows:
- Lights should be a lot
- They should be in all cases in life
- They should be with him in the car, in backpacks and bags at home and work
- They have to use different batteries
- Spare batteries must be one set of two
- Spare batteries must be with you in the car, in backpacks and bags at home and work
- The cost of the lamp should not punch a dent in your budget
- At least one of the lamps must have a reliable, close to the maximum
And I can assure you that in any situation, at least one light I have.
That does not include the lighting units of Zenith on the machines and gun ...
DSC04406 P1000135 P1120316 P1120423
And as a substitute - LED lights are present in the lighter and phone.

So ...
The one that is always with you.
This diode flashlight - keychain from firm Zenith.
Quality and comfortable stuff.
He usually fastened to the lock on the zipper jacket ...
Solidly made, compact and powered by common AA batteries.
Lantern operates at a voltage of 0.8 to 4,2 V.
Additionally by retiring from the construction of a segment light significantly reduces the size.
And running a AA battery ...
sku_4452_2 sku_1993_3
Hanging on a belt or in a case in the bag ...
Another "dealovsky" flashlight - the visor cap ...
P1000758 P1000759 P1000760
Food - two 2032 lithium cells ...
Note the traces of rain drops on the visor. What do you think - December, no matter how how ... that was the day before plus twenty ...
Lantern waiting in the wings in alarm kit alarm same backpack in the trunk.
Headlamp Focusray 523 ...
lamp power 1W. Two modes of light - krypton lamp ...

and two LEDs ...
Power - three AAA batteries.
light has long been used ...
So it is today. ...
Was removed from the construction of the upper belt.
After that, almost immediately, breaking the side of the belt anchorages, the design was invented by two buckles and straps 2cm pieces.
All this has been sewn with thread through the punched holes with an awl to the lamp housing ...
Lies in the troubled civil backpack in the trunk.
Energizer ® Hard Case ® Tactical. On this piece I wrote ...

Universal lamp operating in the visible and non-visible range, with different modes of brightness and color.

- Mounting MOLLE ...
DSC04296 DSC05890 DSC05866
- On the planks Picatinny ...

- The helmet ...
DSC04294 P1000763 P1000765
and down ...
DSC04283 482535_600
Very cool stuff - the ability to mount to metal surfaces ...
There is mounting on visor. But in a set was not. A separate online is not found.
Main place of storage - vest.
Peretseplyaetsya on the chest or on the helmet.
Some time ago I wanted to buy a flashlight with multiple modes of operation, quality and not too expensive to not be excruciatingly painful in the case of every kind of adventure where a deleterious effect on the body of the lamp.
Forgive me, fans of "Shurik" and "dates", the choice fell on the company LED LENSER ®
and lantern M7 .

The first reason - German lantern.
Second - many modes
Third - the lower price compared to the Surefire and Fenix
Since the issue of the choice of the model has been solved, you can only buy it.
The choice fell on this store
Method of communication with the consultant on Skype store clarified features of each model, the conditions of use, etc, etc.
Since the price bracket for lamp placed me was limited to the price of three thousand rubles, the choice fell on the Lantern Series M7.
The so-called tactical series I, on the advice of a consultant, ignored, as lights in this series were not wealthy in terms of the operation mode of illumination.
Series "M" is devoid of such shortcomings and accordingly I drew attention to this instance
Then I wrote a letter with the name and coordinates of the Model.
Plus added a custom remote button ...
b_ll_0360 m_t7_paket
Paying to the bank account in the bank money and receive confirmation of payment, together with the number of e-mail ID, I waited for the parcel.
Across the state and the nature of the Russian Post time came premise ...
An autopsy showed that the parcel are two boxes and two sheets of A4.
The text and pictures were printing the file .
So to say manual in Russian.
Interests me a neat black box was also constricted black paper clamp ...
P1000770 P1000771
I take off the clamp and open the box ...
From the back of the cover pasted flyer shall communicate to the subject, open the box, if he speaks English or German, can read the advantages of light Led Lenser flashlight and capabilities that is in the box:
- Built-in microcontroller
- 8 Lighting mode
- Fast focusing latching
- Protection against splashes
- "Smart" clip with 360 ° rotation
- LED high brightness
- Four AAA batteries included
- Distance of the glow 255m
- Power 220 Lumen
- 11 hours in power saving mode, the glow
- Weight 193gr
- Length 137mm
- The diameter of the head of the 37mm
Look further - actually very light, made of aluminum alloy and vdety in "highly intelligent" clip, the capture of which can be rotated to any angle ...
P1000774 P1000775 P1000776 P1000783
Four batteries. Strap.
- Operating instructions in all languages, but "great and mighty" ...

- A leaflet with an assortment of lights on one side of the company ...
P1000785 P1000787
- A description of the lantern and the M7 to another ...
- Memo, describing how the light switch modes ...
P1000788 P1000789

- And two sachets of desiccant gel.
The second box harbored removable battery pack with integrated remote button ...
P1000790 P1000792
Unscrew the battery pack and insert the batteries in the ...
P1000782 P1000780
As I understand it - gold contacts are beneficial to the power transmission and prevent self-discharge batteries ...
At the end of the battery pack is antabka Lanyard and button control operating modes of light ...
In a removable battery pack instead present cord remote button ...
When you use this button, there is only one mode of maximum brightness without fixation.
That is, light can only work when the button is pressed.
All manipulations with the change of regime (called Smart Light Technology) glow made ​​using a button that is pressed in whole or in up to half of its stroke (non-fixed position). Depending on how many times recessed button that turns a particular mode.
Packages Lighting mode:
- Professional. It includes modes - maximum brightness, blink, SOS (auto feed signal using Morse code), strobe
- Power saving. It includes modes - maximum power and smooth change of power from 15 to 100%
- Tactical. It includes modes of maximum brightness and strobe.
You can see it on a video producer
In fact, regime change - the procedure is quite simple.
Next - the lamp housing is coated thumb to tightly hold the flashlight.
The head part of the lamp with respect to the longitudinal displacement of the cover smoothly changes the focus.
As a result, the designers' plans, get a wide beam of light without dark and bright spots, called "effect of theatrical spotlight."
If you move the head part of the way forward, it is formed by a narrow beam.
The system is called the Advanced Focus System.
Its main part - the optical element consisting of a lens, combined with a reflector.
To fix the front section in a given situation to turn the head of the left circle with respect to the cover.
For tips inscription arrows ...
P1000777 P1000779
Well, first impressions ...
Flashlight is very good quality.
Switch modes, despite the apparent complexity, very simple.
Average acts as official flashlight.
May be applied as an ersatz underbarrel flashlight. But ...
Because of its non-standard diameter for mounting on a variety of weapons suitable only Barrel clamps as eight. That to me is unacceptable. A bracket for Picatinny rails, such as these are too small diameter.
All filters and protective covers not.
Now, about the lighting ... The same effect theatrical spotlights, which, according to the manufacturer "... the illuminated circle of light and dark no areas that are heavily interfere with the use of conventional light ...", in fact, do have dark areas.
I am not a specialist, as inhabitants Fonarevki .
So I'll give just a few shots taken in automatic mode, so ... random ...
- The distance of two meters ...
As we see, cartoon circle clean failed.
- Mode beam. The distance is the same ...
- The corridor.
A distance of about 30 m ...
- A narrow beam ...
However, the light shines very well, and after checking the defensive mode (strobe), despite the manufacturer's written warnings about the dangers of such an experiment in their eyes, a long time to recover.
As for the cover, I was very saddened by his absence.
Until he came to look pouch FOB-3 from the MTR ...
P1000798 P1000800
Established clip very well kept light.
But does not protect it from damage ...
P1000801 P1000802
And finally - the more batteries - the better J
P1000230 P1000768

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