Dienstag, 11. Dezember 2012

Special operation in Dolakovo. December 10, 2012. Terrorists against the fence.

I told him it was. We were exposed beautifully, absolutely no noise, and dust. Lie down, freeze, waiting for morning. Object - a wooden house like a barn. Masking tough - something hung in the window, so that no ray of light from the room did not come out. We immediately warned that the storm is more so - as one of the options. Because there are suicide bombers and they there is a lot of explosives. In short, if we can take him alive though someone - we Viewtiful. If not - it does not matter. The risk is not worth it. IEDs cause action - a matter of seconds.

But still need to comply with the formalities. And exactly at 8 am comes to the position technique. Imaratyshi heard the sound of the engine and, of course, drew the right conclusions. Then begins a pure circus. Runs out of the house alone and crashed into the fence. Fence stood. He is trying to bounce back again to go through it with a running start. The fence was again stronger. Imaratysh falls on his ass, he immediately jumps up and starts to rush across the yard. Someone shouts him to give up, all surrounded and "uariantov not." In response, he began to shoot a machine gun anywhere. One queue arrives on our position. Right next to the bullets whistled. Fell lie. I ask my partner, a?- Yeah. You?- Me too. Near flown at all. Have a spare clean underwear?- B. .., bro, the last just over ...
Jumped out the second bandit, pounding of the Kalash and trying to somehow bring to life the first and drag him into the house, but then we have opened fire. As a result, one wounded Rushed into the house, and the second, also podranok, rushed for some reason in a wooden toilet in the yard. Fucking shelter, yeah. Well, why, soak in the toilet? No problem. Shooting already is on him from all sides. On the spot decided the question whether really the one in the closet taken alive. But the question is removed by itself. The house as zhakhnet something. And again. Fire, fire, smoke belching. The main thing to keep one's eyes open, so that no one escaped. Then kaaaak zhahnul again from the house nothing left - just burning ruins. Well, that's all. Five minutes and you're done. Two corpses found, and there is no third. There are some parts of the body found, like the third, but now only genetics can confirm there were two of them, or three. Although if it was three - the third to go but could not. Swept probably explosion ...
Cordon should prevent accidental loss of life. This is a big problem. Local people do not care risk. Main pozyrit to clash. Force them to hide and keep a low profile - just not realistic. Here on the extracted video, shot by one of the cordon on iPhone heard mats - it's in their address.

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